Make your travel mean something

Where Wild Things Roam Travel provides travellers with an opportunity to give something back when travelling. By travelling with Where Wild Things Roam Travel you can make a difference in local communities and in protection of wildlife and the environment. We work to preserve the planet for years to come by protecting wildlife and supporting environmental conservation projects.

Who we work with

Our Team

We work with people who are dedicated to making a difference in their local community and protect wildlife.

Our hosts for the group tours are carefully selected for their passion and commitment to the region and wildlife.

On the ground, we work with local operators and guides who have also made it their life work to conserve and protect. It is these people and their communities that will also benefit from your travel here.

Sean Van Niekerk

DAGCT Ranger/Manager

After completing his Bachelor of Commerce Degree at the University of Pretoria, Sean followed his passion for conservation by becoming a qualified Field Ranger and Ranger Trainer. After a few years guiding in Mozambique and South Africa, Sean focused his efforts towards conservation in Mozambique …

Henk Bam

DAGCT Ranger/Manager

Henk Bam is a core team leader and manager for Dyck Advisory Group Conservation Trust in Mozambique. His skills are utilized to head up the quick reaction force and implement DAGCT “shock action” Strategy in new areas of operation. After a Military career of 7 …

Jayita AB

Host & Philanthropist

Jayita AB is a passionate philanthropist, eco-warrior and animal lover. She has travelled the world extensively exploring virgin jungles, mystical caves and remote peaks and believes nature is a sacred playground for healing and growth. With a special interest in the conservation of Borneo’s ancient …

Nishimwe Daniel

Guide - Rwanda

Daniel Nishimwe is the CEO and Co-Founder of Akagera Community Freelance Guide. He started working in Akagera National park in 2013 then moved to tourist guiding in 2014. He is certified after completing a series of industry and business training and has since guided many …